mercredi 9 janvier 2013


N'oubliez pas 
ce samedi 12 janvier

Vernissage à Vienne
avec le Groupe Libellule

                                                                                                                                                                                (prise de vue J.Caprio)

et en attendant,
pendant que 
je travaille 
 pour les expositions
 qui se tiendront
 château de Belcastel
en Aveyron

 début Avril...


 New York

en septembre...

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AFA Events 2013
Dear Friends & Clients,

In 2012, collectors around the world re-invigorated the art industry by diversifying their tastes and art portfolios. While our gallery's mission has always been aligned with the sensibilities of classic and modern masters, the media's attention seemed to become captured by the contemporary art scene and "Zero Art" movement. Despite the trend, AFA continued to support artists who created imaginative artwork rooted in masterful technique, and thanks to these artists and our collectors, we have experienced exciting and extraordinary growth this past year.

The gallery continues to showcase an extraordinary group of artists who have a unique vision and manifest it with a great amount of technical virtuosity.  The criteria we have set inspires an interesting discussion, and we invite you to inquire to share our savvy. We can clarify why these particular artists are important today, and how they are moving towards inevitably making a significant contribution to the art world.

AFA's small stable of artists are represented passionately and permanently, not only in New York, but soon in New Orleans as well.  This new location will open on a great block on Royal Street in a couple of weeks. It is a little gallery right in the heart of the French Quarter.

A smaller number of exhibitions rotate through our historic gallery in France, which has been a thriving cultural center since 2005. Within the Chateau Belcastel we offer classical concerts, master classes and a private suite for visitors. It is beautiful and if you come out to visit when we are there during the summer we will be happy to show you around.

Our ability to showcase the art of great American illustrators shifted even before the passing of our friend Maurice Sendak this past May. Because so much of this artwork has been absorbed into museum and private collections, our decision to embrace new fine artists evolved organically. Our interest in figurative art will remain the foundation of our collective works, and important illustration work will continue to be showcased during special events such as the annal Collector's Show. As we have done in the past, we will share our collection and expertise with museums. Most recently, we have supported and curated The Maurice Sendak Memorial Exhibition that will tour museums around the USA in 2013.

AFA is pleased to present a lineup of artists in the coming year whose formidable artistic talents and museum resumes have gained them critical acclaim. All are in the sweet spot in their careers; established, focused, prolific and accessible to all collectors. It is an honor to know them, and a privilege to acquire their work.

We are especially happy to announce that we now represent Joe Sorren exclusively. In the USA we represent Anne BachelierPierre MatterNicoletta CeccoliBrian & Wendy FroudKirk ReinertLin Esser & David Lipson.

Please take a look at our calendar of events below. Save the dates, and please RSVP for any openings you would like to attend. We hope to see you soon.


Heidi Leigh & Nick Leone
Jeanette Iannaccone, Janice Hirsch, Carol Coven, Jacqueline Simon, Barry Jacobson, & Liesa Sarelli, our new Director in New Orleans
11 January
Pierre Matter: Essential Being
Bronze sculptures and new graphics. (NY & France, 2013)

1 February
Grand Opening of AFA New Orleans
807 Royal Street. (504) 558-9296

13 - 17 February
Theodore Geisel (AKA "Dr. Seuss"): Hat Collection
With The NY Library & Random House

23 February, 6-8pm
Joe Sorren: The Great Cantaloupe Day
Opening reception for the artist

30 March
AFA opens for 2013 season at Chateau Belcastel

18 April
Annual SoHo Arts Walk Launch
Every third Thursday through October

18 May
Tom Everhart: Rollin With My Homies
Opening reception for the artist

22 June
Tanya Clarke: Water & Light
Opening reception for the artist

10 - 24 August
Master Classes at AFA in France

21 September
Anne Bachelier: Fantasmagory
Opening reception for the artist at AFA of France

12 October
Jennybird Alcantara

16 November
Daniel Merriam
Opening reception for the artist

7 December
Annual Collector's Event
With Bill Carman, Leontine Greenberg, Kirk Reinert and Travis Louie
AFA | At AFA, we are inspired by wildly imaginative artwork that indulges the senses and engages the emotions with layers of  symbolism and dark complexity. We exhibit paintings, drawings and sculptures created by extraordinary established and emerging artists who are highly skilled and have a unique vision.

Artwork copyright protected. All Rights Reserved.

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"le magicien d'Oz" 

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bonne année ...13.. créative! dommage de ne pas pouvoir .. voir ..cette exposition dans 'mon pays'..